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Welcome to Supernerd Media!

Supernerd Media provides managed website hosting for a handful of websites and blogs, podcast recording, editing, and publishing, CD and DVD production and sales, and more. Funding for Supernerd Media comes from CD and DVD sales as well as kind and generous donors.

CD and DVD Media Sales

Diabolical Narcissism DVD
"Remember Lot's Wife: Diabolical Narcissism, the Overarching Global Pathology"
(an Ann Barnhardt DVD)

Buy Now: $20 (US shipping only)


The Bergoglian Anti-papacy
"The Bergoglian Anti-papcy" is an in-depth look at the proofs of why Jorge Bergoglio is NOT the successor of Pope Benedict
(an Ann Barnhardt DVD)



The Four Last Things
"The Four Last Things" is a Lenten Mission preached by Father Isaac Mary Relyea and touches on the spiritual reality of the Four Last Things: Death, Judgement, Hell, and Heaven.

Contact Info

The best contact method is email -- -- or by sending letters, cards, donations, or manuscripts to the address below.

Alternative methods (which might not be checked as frequently) include:

By mail is the simplest way, with a money order or check (payable to "Supernerd Media"). The mailing address is:

Supernerd Media
10940 Parallel Pkwy #K303
Kansas City, KS 66109

At the moment there is no way to donate online. Please email to explore alternatives that don't involve sending a check or money order in the mail.



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