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Welcome to Supernerd Media!

Supernerd Media provides managed website hosting for a handful of websites and blogs, podcast recording, editing, and publishing, CD and DVD production and sales, and more. Funding for Supernerd Media comes from CD and DVD sales as well as kind and generous donors. These funds pay for:

Contact Info

The best contact method is email -- -- or by sending letters, cards, donations, or manuscripts to the address below.

Alternative methods (which might not be checked as frequently) include:

By mail is the simplest way, with a money order or check (payable to "Supernerd Media"). The mailing address is:

Supernerd Media
10940 Parallel Pkwy #K303
Kansas City, KS 66109

Online Donations: PayPal is DEAD! On October 15, 2021, PayPal notified me that I am permanently banned from using their service. Unlike last time when this happened because I was using an assumed name I had followed all of the rules this time. To date (Oct. 27) PayPal has not yet told me which of their terms of service or community guidelines I violated but the short story is that I will never be doing business with them again.
Since PayPal is no longer an option you can email an gift certificate to -- these are great for converting to gift cards for taking Super Mommy to dinner (in addition to more technical upgrades/gear needs)!

Cryptocurrency is also an option; in the past this was discouraged for a number of reasons but since one cannot be de-platformed from Bitcoin, Monero, etc. I recommend folks reconsider learning about and using Bitcoin and other cyrptocurrencies. The Supernerd Bitcoin Donation Address is: 19fMce32acwX3b3L8dmi3XcvDejqiwpxd2 -- if you want to send a different cryptocurrency please email to coordinate.



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